Our History

Prime Security Services was founded on the ideal of providing professional security and exceptional customer services to our clients. The State of California Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of collection and investigative Services, licensed Prime Security Services as a private patrol and investigation agency. we have provided consistent and satisfactory security services for over fifteen years. We are a growth-oriented company destined to lead in the tight competitive and rapidly growing security industry.

Our Mission Statement

To procide client satisfaction through proactive service, continuous improvement and rapid response to our clients needs.
By establishing the commitment to a shared objective, Prime Security Services has laid a foundation for open communication, good rapport, and mutual respect between management and rank and file employees. The dynamics of our team take full advantage of the strengths, motivation, and interests of each member. This process begins with the exchange of information about each team member's experience, attitude, and preferences.

Why Choose Prime Security Svcs?

    Our Clients and Employees say, It is because of our:

  • Professionally trained employees
  • Quick response to client's request
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Quality management
  • Adequate supervision of our employees
  • Thuroughness and exceptionally attention to small details
  • Abilities and commitments
  • Emergency prepardness programs
  • Growth oriented
  • Unbeatable low price for clients
  • Uncomparable pay and incentives for employees.
  • Security guards screening process